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SailBoat typeLuff (m)Leech (m)Foot (m)Rope typePrice (GBP)Ref.
Mailsail Frederiksen type 200 vogne0.000.000.00Unknown45983468
Mailsail Engholm5.604.007.70Slide45985654
Mailsail Folkebåds sejl 1sæt8.420.003.25Rope36769574
Mailsail Til rullebom LM 3512.000.003.35Unknown1,33469728
SailBoat typeLuff (m)Leech (m)Foot (m)LP (m)Rope typePrice (GBP)Ref.
Genoa Mermaid 3150.
Genoa Både m/rulleforstag0.
Genoa LM 268.607.853.502.60Hanks44869731
Genoa Genua II til LM 289.048.424.000.00Hanks35669733
Genoa LM 289.909.474.840.00Hanks44869732
Genoa LM 3010.129.374.590.00Hanks56369735
Genoa Genua Mermaid 29010.260.004.350.00Hanks43669734
Genoa Vitesse 3310.9510.214.370.00Hanks66669738
Genoa LM 3211.3710.353.170.00Hanks59769737
Genoa Luffe 40.04 3DL15.500.004.404.62Rope45985609
Genoa Luffe 40.04 3DL15.500.004.404.62Rope57485608
Genoa Luffe 40.04 3Di15.500.004.404.62Rope80485607
Genoa Najard 343 eller lign. 1,190.001,130.00606.000.00Rope1,26485549
Genoa Bavaria 36 eller lign. 1,228.001,170.00588.000.00Rope74785546
Jib Både m/rulleforstag0.
Jib Ny Storm2.00165.00105.000.00Unknown11383754
Jib dehler8.700.003.400.00Unknown17285431
Jib Engholm12.1511.404.004.35Hanks34485655
Jib polaris drabant916.00868.00340.000.00Unknown13784624
Storm jib Både m/rulleforstag0.
Storm jib Engholm4.757.503.704.00Hanks45985656
Storm jib Sejlbåd66.005.453.050.00Unknown22984821
SailBoat typeLuff (m)Leech (m)Max. Width (m)Price (GBP)Ref.
Gennaker LM Vitesse 3312.0010.700.0045985604
Spinnaker 4 stk.Nye Optimistjolle215.00215.00152.0033383755
Boom tarpaulin
SailBoat typeLuff (m)Leech (m)Foot (m)Price (GBP)Ref.
Boom Tarpaulin Vitesse 33113.000.003.7714769742
Boom Tarpaulin Vitesse 35128.000.003.9515869743