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Owner's Contacts

Purpose: To establish connections among yacht owners with special reference to discussing shared difficulties with own yachts, tips to modifications, social arrangements, and the like.

Quite a few yacht types have not been selling in sufficient numbers to form a class organisation. YachtDatabase hopes that this service will fulfil a need for the many owners of yachts for which no member organisation exists or other owners, who for various reasons are not members of a such. (Naturally, members of class organisations are most welcome as well).

If you would like to know more about the owner and his yacht then click on his name.
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Boat typeOwnerLocated
Zenit 44Jan MøllerDoverodde
Zorrina 25John HaugaardAssens Marina
Zorrina 25Hans Jørgen JensenKragenæs
Zorrina 25Karsten KrauseThurø
Zorrina 25Henrik BrockmannBrøndby Havn
Z Test æøåBackupxTest æøå ÆØÅ

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