Dalla Pieta

Dalla Pieta was a boat yard located in Venice, Italy.

The yard was founded 1959 and they stopped their activities 2009.

Boats manufactured by Dalla Pieta
Boat type ▼ Year Category
DP 11 Fast Commuter1959-?Motorboat
DP 12 Fast Commuter1959-?Motorboat
DP 12 Flying-Bridge1959-?Motorboat
DP 43 Al Na'ir1959-?Motorboat
DP 48 Altair1959-?Motorboat
DP 55 Asterion1959-?Motorboat
DP 6 Sport1959-?Motorboat
DP 7 Atlantico1959-?Motorboat
DP 8 Sport1959-?Motorboat
DP 9 Cruiser1959-?Motorboat