Review of ARS Monaco RS 38

Basic specs.

sail specifications
The ARS Monaco RS 38 is a large motorboat designed by the Italian maritime architect Fulvio De Simoni. The ARS Monaco RS 38 is built by the Italian yard Ars Monaco.

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The boat is equipped with 500.0 liter fresh water capacity.


The boat is typically equipped with dual Iveco Aifo engines at 1000.0 hp (745 kW).

The fuel tank has a capacity of 1200.0 liters (317 US gallons, 263 imperial gallons).

Sailing characteristics

This section covers widely used rules of thumb to describe the sailing characteristics. Please note that even though the calculations are correct, the interpretation of the results might not be valid for extreme boats.

Immersion rate

The immersion rate is defined as the weight required to sink the boat a certain level. The immersion rate for ARS Monaco RS 38 is about 386 kg/cm, alternatively 2166 lbs/inch.
Meaning: if you load 386 kg cargo on the boat then it will sink 1 cm. Alternatively, if you load 2166 lbs cargo on the boat it will sink 1 inch.

Sailing statistics

This section is statistical comparison with similar boats of the same category. The basis of the following statistical computations is our unique database with more than 26,000 different boat types and 350,000 data points.

L/B (Length Beam Ratio)

What is L/B (Length Beam Ratio)?

The l/b ratio for ARS Monaco RS 38 is 3.27.

Slim Wide 54% 0 50 100
Compared with other similar motor boats it is more spacy than 54% of all other designs. It seems that the designer has chosen a slightly more spacy hull design.



In Denmark, you are required to have achieved a 'powerboat driving license' in order to sail a powerboat.
In this context a boat is considered a powerboat if:

Equation for Danish definition of a powerboat
Danish definition of a powerboat
According to this definition this boat is categorized as a Powerboat.


Boat owner's ideas

This section is reserved boat owner's modifications, improvements, etc. Here you might find (or contribute with) inspiration for your boat.

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