Becky Eastwood

 My boat
Boat type:Jouet 940ms
Sail no.:-
Yacht name:Panache
Located:Semiahmoo, WA
Name:Becky Eastwood
Address:2921 Ellis Street
Bellingham, WA
United States
Member of:Jouet 940 MS Yacht Club
My experience:Have sailed for over 25 years in the Pacific Northwest.
Where do I sail:Primarily we sail from the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound to the Canadian Gulf Islands with aspirations of going to Alaska.
Previous boats:O´day 22, Geary 18, El Toro, Blanchard 26 and Catalina 27.
Other information:We´re interested in learning more about Jouet boats in general. We can share information about what we know. We also have the original bedding that was sold with this boat and this has the Jouet logo (actually Yachting France logo) on them. We have sca

Date for latest update: 10 February 2004