Michael Yuille

 My boat
Boat type:Sagitta 30
Sail no.:4
Yacht name:Ana Alida
Located:Boston, MA
Name:Michael Yuille
Address:11 Congreve Street
Boston, MA
United States
Member of:-
My experience:I built a 32´ Colin Archer over 8 years in my 30´s and 40´s. I am in the process of refitting my Sagitta 30 for some extended cruising, and some long distance ocean sailing. I raced one designs and offshore boats for 15 years in Kingston Ontario Canada
Where do I sail:I will sail out of Boston
Previous boats:Westsail 32, Shark 24, Albacore 15´, Hobie 14
Other information:Replacing Old MD7A with a Bukh DV10 ... adding a bowsprit and boomkin, and replacing portlight with bronze opening for the smaller ports, and fixed heavy-duty metal frames for the four larger windows. Adding an aries windvane, a chromed bronze ABI manual

Date for latest update: 28 September 2017